Who We Are

The journey starts in 1907.

In 1907, in the Egyptian Delta region, we first embarked on our professional journey by opening a small fabrics retail shop.

Some years later, the family made the decision to move the business to the capital for better market exposure and visibility. After several years of political turbulence in the country, the second generation of the Arafa family revived the company in 1977 by establishing a retail shop for imported garments and fabrics.


Driven by a deep understanding of how important it was to control the various elements that contribute to the value and quality of the end product, and through a sincere commitment to success, they took upon themselves the mission of expanding the scope of the business, transforming it from a small local retailer into one of the biggest retail groups in Egypt, operating several retail shops and department stores over the last 30 years.

ARG uses the best fabrics and materials from the most famous suppliers around the world, tailoring and designing them to perfection. We also produce high quality wool in Egyptian factories, to bring to the Egyptian market a number of brands that have rapidly become favorites of our customers, while steadily growing the customer base of Arafa Retail Group over the years.

ARG endeavors to fulfill our customers’ needs, while offering them several options that adhere to our quality standards, and cater to the different market segments of our clients.

Stemming from a deep loyalty to our roots and country, we take it upon ourselves to give back to the community by providing several employment opportunities at our factories and branches. We also secure affiliation opportunities to small local factories to provide us with necessary manufacturing materials; hence contributing to the growth of the overall local economy.


How We Make it Happen

Throughout a journey that lasted almost a hundred years, we have assembled a powerful team internally, along with a strong network of suppliers and manufacturers in all relevant industries. We remained loyal to providing our customers with the best combination of value, price and quality. A family of over 1000 employees, supported by the latest technologies ensure the strict adherence to high quality standards in all ARG’s products and different operations.